Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going to meet Kaitlin Grace tomorrow!!

I am flying out bright and early Friday morning to head to Virginia to meet my niece! So excited to meet her, hold her, and take lots and lots of pictures. Not excited about getting up early and flying by myself. But it will be worth it!! So excited!!!

With all the excitement with Kaitlin going on this week, I forgot to mention one very important part of this week. My Twilight DVD came in! I AM PUMPED to own it and watch the deleted scenes and all the commentary!! I pre-ordered my copy weeks ago... and it finally came in this week! I took a picture, but will have to add it on later. My camera is already packed!

Speaking of Twilight..... I went to get my haircut today. It was a disaster to say the least. I went to get a "trim." I asked my person to "cut one and a half to two inches." And six to seven inches later I look like Alice Cullen (see picture below). SAD DAY!!! Rachel is NOT happy!

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