Friday, December 31, 2010

Music City Mayhem

Mayhem: A state of violent disorder or confusion; havoc.

That could be the one word to describe the Music City Bowl game last night in Nashville. It did not end well for Tennessee fans, and honestly, I don't want to recap it. But I had fun with Amy and Kory and company at the game. We had amazing seats (thanks Will) and good weather!

It was a LONG game and it got a little bit colder, but overall a great night for football! At least we had great new Tennessee headbands to wear!

The Mayhem started Wednesday night with Lauren and Jean and the Zac Brown Band concert. Such a fun night with some of favorite people!

I have had a fun week here in Music City..... Mayhem and all.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

White Christmas

We had such a great Christmas. I am so thankful for such a wonderful family and for lots of time at home to spend with them. My work and school schedule worked out that I was able to spend the week before Christmas at home with my parents.

Here we are at Big Ed's pizza (my favorite)

And on Christmas Eve after our Christmas Eve service.

Amy, Kory, and Kaitlin made the long trip to Knoxville and it was so so much fun spending Christmas all together.
We even had a White Christmas!
Kaitlin got a circus tent from Santa. I am not sure who had more fun in the tent..... Kaitlin or Aunt Rachel!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Kinda a big deal..... kinda.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friends in Low Places

Garth Brooks is doing nine concerts in Nashville this week for flood relief. I had the privilege of going to the show on Friday night. It was absolutely amazing.

I went with Treydrienne and they were so much fun. I never knew Adrienne was such a country music fan!

Garth puts on such a great show. He is a great entertainer and we had awesome floor seats (thanks Trey!). Tricia came out and sang a few songs with Garth. She sang my favorite song "She's in Love With a Boy." Loved it.
The best part of the concert was the very end. We were lucky to go on the night that only had one concert. So Garth came out after the encore with just his guitar and took requests. I felt like I was the only one in the room. My friend Lindsay does a great job of explaining it.
As I was shopping in downtown Nashville on Saturday morning, I met lots of people from Florida, Minnesota, and Oklahoma. All of these people had come to see Garth in concert. They were all shopping downtown and supporting the businesses that were so badly hurt in the flood. Garth was helping Nashville so much more than just doing some benefit shows.

And look who I ran into..... Anna! I was so happy to see you!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I have some very mixed feelings about snow. I love it and it looks BEAUTIFUL covering everything. I like how the world seems quiet and peaceful when it snows. I like to feel "snowed in" and drink hot chocolate, bake cookies, and wear my snuggie while watching White Christmas on repeat.

I even kinda liked walking to work this morning. I liked having a reason to pull out all of my hats, scarves, and mittens. I kinda liked feeling like I was in New York City of Chicago for a little bit while I walked from my apartment to my office. Kinda.
My love for snow started to "melt" when I walked back to my apartment and realized that my pipes were frozen and we had no water. Also frozen? Me. I have on two pairs of socks plus my fuzzy boots and my feet are still cold. I can feel the 8 degree temperature blowing through my window.

Even though the weather outside is frightful, I had fun taking pictures on my way to work this morning!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

YL Christmas

I love my Young Life family in Williamson County. I am so thankful for these amazing people who love and encourage me through the year. We got to have our Christmas party for leaders this weekend and it was great. It is just so fun for all of us to get to hang out and laugh together.
I had the best time catching up with Debbie. She is so great and it was fun to hang out. Debbie, I hope you are reading this! :)

Of course, it is like a tradition that Adrienne and I get a picture at everything we do! ha! We can file this under "what did we wear to the Christmas party last year."
Here is some of my YL team! We were missing a few boys, but we dominated in the Dirty Santa game! Love working with these people every week!

It was a great night of fun, food, and fellowship. So thankful for the YL community and for this season to celebrate!

Curb appeal

I seriously have the worst lucks with hubcaps. Such a random problem to have, but it seems that I can't keep them on my car. I have been a very frequent customer of Hubcap Annie since I moved to Nashville. Today marks my 5th new hubcap purchase.

I just wanted to post this picture of my latest hubcap problem. I hit a curb and the it ripped half of my hubcap off. Yikes.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

If you could travel anywhere....where would you go?

I love those ice-breaker questions that ask things like "if you could go anywhere, where would you go visit?" It's fun to think of all the places you want to see and places you would visit. It's a fun game to play because its all fantasy and fun!

Well, I have to actually answer that question now.

At our company Christmas party, they had tons of awesome door prizes. People won gift cards, ipods, football tickets, and lots of exciting things. In almost four years of working at Symbion, I have never won anything. But this year was my lucky year. I won a plane ticket to anywhere in the US! (pause for dramatic excitement) !!!

Here is a picture of me and the plane ticket. ha!
This is one of my favorite pictures (below) because this is right when I started crying. I was REALLY excited.
It is so fun to think about all the places in the US that I have wanted to see! I have a list right now in my head of places that I want to go! I will write a whole new post when I decide where to go! Would love to hear any suggestions too!

Here are some other embarrassing pictures from our Christmas party that show how excited I was about this prize!
Am I clapping for myself here? Not sure...