Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie!

I met Jamie at UT when we pledge the same sorority. We both got involved in the same freshmen bible study and have been friends ever since! In college, Jamie was my go-to person if I ever needed someone to edit my papers, and one of my favorite snugglers. She is famous for her dance "the pancake" and for giving my dorm room and car a name. We share a love for musicals and tv shows (GLEE) and she is one of my favorite road trip buddies. She lives far away now in Austin, but she is still my go-to person for school questions and for a day brightener! I am so thankful for her in my life!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have so many things to be thankful for. I am so so thankful for my wonderful family.

We spent Thanksgiving weekend up in Virginia with Amy, Kory and sweet Kaitlin. It was a long trip for me from Nashville, but we had so much fun! We ate a lot of amazing food and watched a lot of football. I am also thankful for those things too! I must give a shout out to a big UT win and big Titans win this weekend! yay!

Kaitlin and I had lots of fun on Thanksgiving!

I can't decide if Kaitlin is scared of my turkey hat or if she loves it!

We took some cute family pictures this weekend, but I didn't get any on my camera. Check out Amy's blog for some fun pictures from Thanksgiving. But I did get a cute picture of Amy and Kaitlin ready for Santa!
I am thankful for so many things, but I really thank God for my fabulous family, and friends. I am thankful for our health and for safe travel to get together to see each other. I am so thankful.

Happy Birthday Adrienne!

Happy 26th Birthday Adrienne!
I just love birthdays and I am so excited that I get to blog about my friend Adrienne! It is so fitting that her birthday falls on Thanksgiving because I am so thankful for her!! She is the best roommate and always so much fun! We met through Young Life and it is so fun to have friends who can encourage and support each other in this ministry! We share a love for celebrities, music, and almost all tv shows!
Adrienne was home for Thanksgiving for her birthday so I can't wait to celebrate it soon! Happy Birthday!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Music City Math

Mom and Dad came to Nashville for a few days and we had so much fun! Dad had a math conference here in downtown Nashville, so they got to stay for an extended amount of time! It was so nice to have them here when I wasn't moving or going to a show at TPAC! We got to eat at ALL of my favorite restaurants like J. Alexanders, Cheesecake Factory, Maggianos, and Brick Tops! Mom and I got to go shopping and Mom and Dad got to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame!

One of the highlights of the time in Nashville would have to be Friday night when we went to visit The Big Bang. The Big Bang is a piano bar downtown and it is one of my favorites! We had SO much fun! I love my parents so much!
It was a very successful weekend of fun, food, and family! It was really nice to take a break from the craziness of school for a while! Can't wait to see them in a few short days for Thanksgiving!! I am so thankful for them!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Morning America!

It's CMA week here in Nashville and today Good Morning America was here promoting the awards show on ABC. It is always such an exciting week in Nashville, and there are always lots of fun things going on! Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are the hosts for the award show this year so they did a free concert this morning downtown. My fabulous roommate suggested we go and we left our house this morning at 5:45am to be down there bright and early at 6am!

It was SO MUCH FUN to see the behind the scene things that go on for a live show like GMA. We got there in time for Carrie Underwood's mic check. She came out very sleepy and all bundled up to practice with the band.

After lots of waiting and lots of cheering for the cameras for commerical breaks, it was time for Brad and Carrie to preform! Carrie changed into an even cutter outfit than before and both Brad and Carrie did a brief interview with the GMA weather guy and then sang some of their new songs!

I kept saying "I'm so excited" and it was worth the EARLY morning wake up! It was so fun to get to experience this event!
Don't worry.... we got the classic Adrienne/Rachel self portrait.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sharp Top 09

When I got back from Sharp Top this weekend, I sent Eve a text message that said, "Sharp Top was amazing! I am more in love with Jesus and Matt Wertz than ever!" That pretty much sums my weekend up! We REALLY struggled getting kids to camp this year because of Halloween. I was really discouraged and worn out before I even left. God really blessed our group and we had such a great time. I loved being reminded of the ultimate love story. The speaker, the program guys, and the music (Matt Wertz) were all amazing!
One of my favorite parts of the weekend was watching our BA students love on the Capernum kids. Young Life has a ministry called Capernum which is geared toward students who have mental and physical disabilities. Both the guys and the girls from Brentwood Academy really became close to the Capernum students and it was so great to be able to see that. I am really excited to continue these realtionships of these precious girls from this weekend.
Oh and did I mention Matt Wertz was there?!
I had a video but I am having difficultly getting it on here. Stay tuned for it... he is amazing!