Monday, November 21, 2011

Away game in Arkansas

Last weekend I made the long trip to Northwest Arkansas to visit my sister Amy, Kory, and Kaitlin. We have all been looking forward to this trip for a long time! I was excited to get to see the Vols play while I was out there too!!
My flight to Arkansas was sooo early, but it was so fun to be traveling with lots of other UT fans! It made the flights so fun to talk SEC football! We all became like family while traveling! Side Note: I always make good friends on flights. People should fly with me more.

Then I got to spend Friday with Amy and Kaitlin and we had the best time! We had a girls lunch and then spent the day playing in Kaitlin's kitchen, going to a birthday party, and watching Dora. Seriously makes my heart so happy to spend time with those girls!

The game.... well it wasnt the best. We played horrible and it was about 20 degrees plus winds of about 50 mph (Am I being dramatic? Maybe, but it seriously felt like it). At least we had great seats! Here I am with the team listening to their game plan.
And my FAVORITE part of the game! I Love Smokey!

My trip back to Nashville was a little more eventful. Cracked windshields, canceled flights, turbulence, layovers, more turbulence, barf bags, and new friends! But I made it back safely and had such a fun time in Arkansas. Can't wait to get back there soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mother's Day in November?

I got Mom tickets to see Straight No Chaser back in May for Mother's day! And finally we got to celebrate and enjoy the show!!
Straight No Chaser is an acapella group from Indiana that my friends Adrienne and Jason introduced me to a few years ago. They are amazing!! Seriously...... soooo good!
It was so fun to have Mom and Dad in Nashville and so fun to have Jason come with us! He is so fun to take to concerts!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Halloween is my favorite of the non-big holidays. Of course Christmas and Thanksgiving are the best holidays ever....but I love to dress up in costumes so Halloween comes in close to the top!

I am very sad to say that this year I got so sick during the Halloween weekend. I had all these exciting ideas of going out with friends and dressing up, but ended up staying home all weekend on the couch. I ended up having a cold (virus) , somehow hurting my back ( I sound so OLD), and got some yucky eye infection (ewww). Soooooo basically I looked and felt like quasimoto.
I did get to enjoy some Halloween dress up during our Wilco all county Halloween club! I went as Rachel from Glee. Here are some of my other BA friends at our Halloween Club.
Adrienne and I get an annual Halloween picture at Young Life! We always have the most random costumes ever. This year.... Adrienne wins for scariest costume!
Some of my favorite people ever at our YL Halloween Club! Love my Young Life team!
Even though I got sick, Im glad I still got to dress up and enjoy some YL Halloween Club! Cant wait till next year!