Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blue Barracudas

Monday night was Young Life All County Club. All the schools in Williamson County had Young Life Club together and it was so fun!
I had the great idea to dress up as a contestant from "Legends of the Hidden Temple." It was one of my favorite tv shows when I was in middle school. I was on the Blue Barracudas team!

Apparently no one else remembers this tv show which made my costume very lame. But all these freshmen girls (and other leaders) looked cute!

And of course, no YL blog post would be complete without a picture of my favorite roommate! She is looking cute as a Girl Scout!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sharp Top Recap

Last weekend, Williamson County took over 400 kids to Sharp Top Cove, a Young Life Camp in Georgia. It was an amazing weekend, and I love being apart of this ministry. Sharp Top is a really special place for me because I went there many times when I was in high school. Our musical guest was Ryan Long, who also played at many YL camps that I went to as a high school student. It was really great for my heart to be at camp last weekend.

At first, I was a little disappointed with BA only taking 5 kids to camp. They always have a million things going on at school, so I was excited about the ones that got to come join us at camp. It gave me lots of special time with girls, and I am so thankful for that.

I was a bad photographer at Sharp Top and only took a few pictures. I did take about 100 pictures of my girls climbing up the pole of the ropes course. Not sure why I took a million of those, and none of us.

One of my friends asked me about my time at Sharp Top when I got back. I was trying to explain how sometimes at camp, we expect big things to happen. But for me, I saw God in the small things. This was her response " God works in the little ways, that turn into big ways. Sometimes we are looking for wow....bam... you know? I think sometimes we overlook his miracles when looking for His fireworks. " I just love that. I am so thankful that I get to walk with these sweet girls at BA and see God working in big and small ways.

Common Cold

I've been wondering a lot this week.....

If the "common cold" is so common, then why isn't there a prescription or medicine to make you feel better? I am going on day 10 of this cold and I am "sick" of it. I think almost my whole paycheck has gone to walgreens this week trying to find some medicine to help this cold. I haven't really had an appetite this week, but the only things I have been wanting are soup and ice cream. ha Awesome diet.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Mom and Dad made a stop in Nashville before going to Arkansas to see Amy and Kory. We went to see 9 to 5 the musical at TPAC which was so cute! But since we couldn't get tickets to the matinee show, we had all day to hang out. We went to brunch at our favorite place Bricktops and then went to see Chihuly at Cheekwood. It was fantastic.

Dale Chihuly is a famous glass sculptor who's work is at Cheekwood until the end of this month.

I have been wanting to go see this exhibit since it got here in May.

The first time I saw his work was at the Bellagio hotel in Vegas. Loved it then, and love it even more now. So cool.
This is my favorite... it is called the sun. Can you spot Mom and I this picture haha?
Takes my breath away. Love it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Celebrating Adrienne

Trey and Adrienne are getting married in one month, so we have been having a lot of fun celebrating Adrienne the past few weeks!

We had Adrienne's bachelorette party weekend here in Nashville a few weeks ago
Me with the bachelorette!
We had the most amazing limo to ride around in all night! SOO fun!
Our whole fabulous group! These are so hard to see.... but we are in front of the Parthenon and downtown Nashville. It was so great to hang out with all of Adrienne's high school and college friends. I wished they all lived here because I think we would all be great friends.

This past weekend, we had a wedding shower for Adrienne. I am SO sad I didn't get more pictures.... I must have been too busy hosting. But it was really so much fun!
Me and my roommate/bride-to-be!
Seriously, how good do these look? My favorite part of the shower :)
I am getting so excited for Trey and Adrienne's wedding! ONE MONTH! Yay!