Thursday, December 9, 2010

If you could travel anywhere....where would you go?

I love those ice-breaker questions that ask things like "if you could go anywhere, where would you go visit?" It's fun to think of all the places you want to see and places you would visit. It's a fun game to play because its all fantasy and fun!

Well, I have to actually answer that question now.

At our company Christmas party, they had tons of awesome door prizes. People won gift cards, ipods, football tickets, and lots of exciting things. In almost four years of working at Symbion, I have never won anything. But this year was my lucky year. I won a plane ticket to anywhere in the US! (pause for dramatic excitement) !!!

Here is a picture of me and the plane ticket. ha!
This is one of my favorite pictures (below) because this is right when I started crying. I was REALLY excited.
It is so fun to think about all the places in the US that I have wanted to see! I have a list right now in my head of places that I want to go! I will write a whole new post when I decide where to go! Would love to hear any suggestions too!

Here are some other embarrassing pictures from our Christmas party that show how excited I was about this prize!
Am I clapping for myself here? Not sure...


  1. haha you're so cute!!!!

    How exciting, go somewhere warm!!!!

  2. I can chaperone you, so where are we going? :-)