Sunday, May 24, 2009

Celebrity Sightings

Another reason I love Nashville: Celebrity Sightings! For a while I was having them all the time, but have not seen anyone lately! Today after church, some girls went to Five Guys Burgers in Brentwood and we ran into Jeff Fisher. Although he is not a country music singer or famous actor, we still consider him a big celebrity here in Nashville. Especially after the great season the Titans had last year! We had a lot of fun eating lunch with Coach Fisher and had some great football conversations as well!

Another celebrity sighting I had this morning was in church when we remembered those who have served our country in honor of Memorial Day. Our paster invited those men and women who have served to stand and be recognized. It was a really special moment to remember and thank those who serve our country. These men and women are also celebrities in my eyes. I did not stop crying till long after the worship service ended. Then started crying again when Jeff Fisher was so nice to a boy at Five Guys.

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