Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Row, row, row your boat

I had a fabulous and crazy time this weekend!! I am so thankful for time at home with my fabulous family... and thankful for sleep! I had class all day Saturday and then raced home so I could spend some time with my family. The point of this quick trip was to see my friend Ted. Ted and I met in 2006 when we were both Admissions Counselors for our colleges. We met at a National College Fair in Baltimore for the week and became instant friends. Somehow we have kept in touch over the past few years. He is now the assistant coach for his school, Mercyhurst in Erie, PA. Their team was rowing in a regatta in Oak Ridge this weekend so we had made plans to meet up. Lucky for his team, they dominated the regatta and won in the finals. Unlucky for me, it was freezing and pouring down rain on Sunday when I went to cheer them on. You can't see it in the picture, but I am totally wearing my Mercyhurst Lakers t-shirt. I am such a good fan! Congrats to Ted and his team! And I must give my dad "props" for standing in the freezing cold rain with me to watch this regatta. (Also, Dad loves the word props - proper recognition).
The rest of the weekend was so much fun with Mom and Dad. We ate alot, watched musicals, and I tired to sleep some while still trying to keep up with my school work. I miss it already!

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