Friday, April 17, 2009

Still no internet

Not having internet at home is lame, but the bright side is I get to people watch at Panera a lot! I am actually sitting at Panera right now and the lady next to me is singing out loud. And I am pretty sure she is making up her own songs (which I love to do... right Amy?). So I wanted to update the little blog because I have missed it! I don't have too many exciting things to write about because school is super busy right now. But I did want to share with all four people who read my blog this cute picture of Adrienne and I from Easter. I am so thankful for Adrienne!

Here we are after lunch on Easter morning

We had a very Easter-like lunch at Chili's! HA!

Ok must get back to the school work, and this fabulous cookie! :)


  1. You are #1 Make up songs girl!!! And I LOVE your dress. You girls are so cute!!

  2. Ya'll are so cute... I miss you and Adrienne! And I know how the people watching at Panera goes... when I was homeless for a week last summer I sat there every morning! Haha.