Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life's a climb, but the view is great

Today was such an interesting day. It had amazing ups and downs. Sadly, middle Tennessee is getting pretty used to severe weather. Today there was an outbreak of tornadoes around Middle Tennessee and Murfreesboro was hit hard. There were multiple touchdowns of tornadoes with many people hurt and a few deaths. When I got home from work, I could not believe the devastating pictures. I have never seen anything like this. Houses were totally destroyed and people could not reach their loved ones because of down cell phone towers. I sat and watched the news and just cried for this community. This picture does not even describe it.
God really taught me a lot today. He captured my attention with his power and greatness. This is such a devastating event, but He remided us on this Good Friday of his strength. He is the Lord and He came to save us. I am so thankful.

Tonight was such a fun night and a great get-a-way from the horrible destruction. Adrienne and her sisters and I went to see the new Hannah Montana movie! The movie was amazing and I had the best time with the Packer girls. I have been looking forward to the movie for a long time and it came out today! I want to go back and see it again. A lot of the filming was done in Middle Tennessee so it was fun to see glimpes of people and places that are my current home! It made me really want to be in a movie. Untill then, I will keep practing my "Miley" pose.
While we were at the Green Hills movie we also saw my boyfriend Zac. His movie comes out on Friday. I will be back soon to see it. Here is Zac being cute.

And finally, tomorrow is the big moving day. I do not know how long I will be away from my computer or have internet. So I will blog once again when I get settled and/or have internet.

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