Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I really hate moving. I don't think anyone really likes it... but I really hate it. I have a few reasons why I dislike it so much.
1- First of all, I am not good at it. Some people have the secret skills of packing. Lindsey is one of these people. Somehow she magically has everything organized and packed and my stuff is still scattered and messed up. My friend Angela has the skill to color code each room and box. That is amazing to me.
2- Another reason I hate moving is because I am a pack-rat. I never throw anything away so when it gets time to move, I first have to clean and organize and THEN pack. I struggle to throw things away so usually I just accumulate more. Senior year of college, Jamie and Lindsey threw my stuff away without me knowing! They were really being helpful, but they were sneaky!
3-Third reason for my hate toward moving is I have a lot of stuff! I am not sure why I seem to have more than normal people. I think it's a Frey thing.
4- Fourth reason I hate moving is because I don't have lots of help. My dad is amazing and is the best mover ever... but we don't have any back up. You know most people have brothers or boyfriends or something, but it is usually just me and G-Daddy. Dad and I sometimes struggle after hours of moving just the two of us. My arms are hurting just thinking about it.
5- Moving makes me sad. There is something kinda depressing about packing up your memories and starting over. Right now my walls are blank and sad looking.
6- And finally, I have moved every year since I moved into my freshmen dorm back in 2002. So this will be the 8th time I have moved in 8 years. I should receive some award for this. Actually, my mom and dad should receive some award for this...

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