Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall is here!

The temperature is falling, the leaves are falling, football is in high gear, and pumpkin foods are incorporated in most facebook status updates. It must be fall! Adrienne and I got fall fever and we decided to have our own personal Fall Fest! Chili, apple cider, and carving pumpkins were the goals for Saturday. We had such a fun time!

My favorite part is getting all the stuff out of the pumpkin. Gross.

Classic pumpkin carving mistake. The teeth fell out of my pumpkin, but it still turned out cute!
Pumpkin Carving in Tennessee would not be complete without a power T pumpkin!
Happy Fall, Yall!


  1. I just got a little sad when I saw you, Adrienne, and Gracie in that pic! On the bright side--I'll be in the 615 next Thursday! :)

  2. Love seeing this great pic of you 3, come visit me sometime.