Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I LOVE going to the Green Hills Kroger after I work out. The Green Hills Kroger is one of the nicest grocery stores I have been to. They have a Starbucks and two sitting areas with flat screen tv's. Whenever I go, I get caught up on the news or football game that is playing. The Green Hills Kroger is also filled with many young professionals like myself. When I was in college, I felt the same way about the UT Library. Yes, I would be going to "study" but I was also going to be social. That's how my grocery store is. I go to buy groceries, but also see people there whenever I go. It is the cheapest grocery store around now that Whole Foods has moved in the next block down. When I moved to Nashville, I was surprised about how many people wore their workout clothes around town. I am not sure why, but it almost seems like a dress code on weeknights at Kroger to wear your workout clothes. It is located right by the YMCA that I go to, so it is very convenient for people to work out and then get groceries. I have class and Young Life most nights so I am usually not able to do this, but I got to go last night and it made me so happy. I went to work out at the Y, and then headed to Kroger to buy some things to cook dinner. It sounds really weird now that I am writing all of this out, but I won't stop doing it. Happy Krogering!

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