Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I really don't have a lot of exciting things to say, but I am procrastinating from doing more homework so I thought I would make a list of all the things on my mind.
  • Thankful. I am so thankful for my roommate. Tonight we made dinner, watched Glee, and then laughed for about 45 min while we left multiple facebook videos to people. Love it. Love her.
  • Glee and Gossip Girl. My favorite tv shows. Glee is so funny and so musical which is a fun combination. Gossip Girl is just awesome. If you don't watch them, you should.
  • Ninja crickets. My new home has been invaded by crickets called Rhaphidophoridae. They are SCARY looking, but according to wikipedia, are harmless. I call them Ninja crickets because you never know which way they are going to jump! I am not a fan.
  • School. I really love my Group Counseling class this semester. It is encouraging to have a class that I enjoy and get a lot out of. My other class... well I have to write my research thesis proposal. That's all I am going to say about that.
  • Zoes. Zoes is one of my favorite lunch places in Nashville. This weekend while I was out, I ran into two guys who worked there. Not only did they recognize me, they called me by name. I think its a sign that I need to find a new lunch place.
  • UT Football! The next two weekends I will be in Knoxville for the football games. I am SO excited to see all my friends and family! I am excited to go so I will have lots more to blog about!!
I could go on.... but I should get back to my research thesis proposal.

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  1. Are the ninja crickets humpbacks? If so, I have had similar experiences and I fondly call them camelbacks. Love knowing that you are happy!