Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mom's birthday weekend

Mom and Dad came to Nashville and we had lots of celebrating to do! We had such a great weekend full of fun events! To start off the weekend, we made a stop at Gigi's cupcakes to celebrate Mom's birthday! Gigi's is amazing and have about a million flavors so it is really hard to choose! We munched on cupcake flavors of wedding cake, birthday cake, Texas chocolate, and red velvet! Yum!

We then had a celebration lunch at Maggiano's restaurant! It was the first time we have not to wait for 2 hours to get in so we were very excited!

After lunch, we made a quick stop by Mom and Dad's hotel to check in. What we thought was going to be a quick stop at the hotel, turned into one of the funnest/most awkward times of the weekend. This weekend Vanderbilt had a home football game against Mississippi State. Apparently, Mom and Dad were staying at the same hotel as the Vanderbilt football team. Picture this.... the Frey's decked out in orange. Dad in a Tennessee polo, Mom in her sweater with VOLS and Smokey, and me in an orange shirt and headband. There is NO question that we are BIG UT fans. We hit the button for an elevator, and the doors open and we see a PACKED elevator full of big Vanderbilt football players. They quickly shut the doors as we wait for the next elevator. The next elevator that comes is also full of Vanderbilt football players and we are getting more nervous as we wait. The next elevator that comes Dad tells us there is room on this one and we get on. The Vanderbilt players say "Oh no" and other "choice words" when they see us, and you can tell they HATE that we are on with them. Mom says something like, "Well yall will probably win today!" Ha! They were not so pleased.

After we watched the UT/FL game we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and Wicked! We had dinner at Mom's favorite Nasvhille resturant J. Alexanders and then saw Wicked at TPAC. I have been waiting for this show for over a year!! In my opinion, it was worth the wait and worth the hype! I absolutly loved the show!

Sunday was a funday when we tried a new place for breakfast. We cooked our own pancakes at the Pfunky Grittle. We had a pfun time and met other Vol pfans there as well! I absolutly loved the place!

It is always so fun when Mom and Dad come to visit, but this has been one of my favorite trips they have made! I love when they come visit, but this weekend was extra special for Mom's birthday!

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