Sunday, January 24, 2010

BIG surprise!

I received this text message from my roommate Adrienne on Friday afternoon: "BIG surprise when you get home...."

While I was driving home after work, I was thinking about all the surprises that could be waiting for me. I thought of puppies, or friends, or magazines. I never thought I would see this when I got home...
So surprised and so excited to find Trey and Adrienne were ENGAGED!!! I am so so excited for them!!
We all went out to one of the best places in Nashville to celebrate... Whiskey Kitchen!

Congratulations Treydrienne!!! I am so so excited for yall! Love you so much!
PS - Adrienne, I think this is one of our best pictures yet! So cute!

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  1. omg i'm so glad you posted pictures of all this! i have been dying to know how it happened :)