Monday, August 24, 2009

There's a fire burning on the dance floor (or in my dryer)

I think my dryer is broken.

As you can see it is pretty old, but it works great! This morning I was doing some laundry and I went to get my stuff out of the dryer and smoke came out. So my first thought is to get all my clothes out so they don't catch on fire. When I went to grab them, they were HOT!! I am pretty sure that my hands were close to burning. ha! I put them in my room and could smell a little bit of smoke from the other room. I know I am a little over-dramatic, but I was pretty sure that the fire alarm was going to go off! So I made sure it was off and kept the door open to air it out. I called my mom and together we decided it was going to be ok.

Later this afternoon I got home and needed to dry my other clothes that I had already washed this morning. Amy suggested that I clean out the lint thing (does it have a real name?). Great suggestion Amy. This was probably the cause of the small non-fire I experienced today! Wow is all I can say about this! I have lived here since April and pretty sure this is the first time it has been cleaned out. Yikes!
It is the size of my head!!


  1. Hahahahahaha! You are amazing. This just made my day.

  2. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel... I have not heard this story from your mom (yet), but I'm pretty sure she's embarrassed that you didn't know to clean out the "lint thing." On a more serious note, Rudy's mom just lectured us about leaving the dryer on when we leave the house (which we do all the time - however, I empty the lint every load!) because one of her neighbors house just burned down from a fire started by the dryer. So really, don't wait so long next time!

  3. I must agree with Laurie, I too know of people who have had their houses burn down because of lint. You are looking so cute!