Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day of School!

Tomorrow is the first day of school for MTSU! I am not really sure why this semester starts on a Saturday, but it does. When I was growing up, I always got really nervous and really anxious about the first day of school. I also remember taking pictures of the first day of school with our new clothes and my new backpack filled with lots of new school supplies (I love school supplies!).

My freshmen year of college, one of my roommates and I started a new tradition for the first day of school. I still remember my first night of college. After my parents left, I was alone in a dorm room with a stranger in the room connected to mine. I had only known Lodie for a few hours when we were both trying to make polite conversation before going to bed. After showers had been taken and pajamas were on, we said goodnight to prepare for a full day of Rush the next day. Lodie bursts into my room with her camera and says we need to take a picture to remember the first night of college! It was not the cutest picture ever, but it is one of my favorite memories! The next year, we took the same first day of school picture by the panda on the AOPi floor of Massey. This time I was already in bed and Lodie woke me up to take this picture. We did this same thing Junior year and Senior year as well. When I started back to school last year for Grad school, I took a picture on my cell phone and sent it to her (which now sounds really weird and creepy). So this year as I am on the eve of my first day of school, I am dedicating this post to Lodie! Here I am getting ready for my first day of school!! Thanks Lodie for a new tradition!

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