Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nashville Flood

I have been having a hard time trying to find the words to write this post. Last weekend, Nashville got a massive amount of rain and flooded. Some people described this event as "devastating" "catastrophic" and "daunting." It is the worst natural disaster to hit Nashville and the death toll is still rising. Nashville and 52 other counties have been considered disaster areas. According to Mayor Dean, the damage assessment (so far) is 1.5 Billion. Yikes!

So I was out of town last weekend during all the storms. I was with some of my sweet friends in Atlanta for Marcy's Bachelorette party! Thanks to twitter, I was aware of what was going on, but did not know the full extent. Sunday, we couldn't make it back to Nashville because all the interstates were closed. I finally made it back on Monday to find the water STILL rising into downtown and Opryland. I also came home to find Nashville on a water shortage! So many of my friends and co-workers lost everything.

It makes my heart so heavy to see hear these stories and see these pictures. It has really affected me, and I am sure I will have more posts and stories from this event.

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