Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The big cupcake

Once a week, me, my roommate and two other of our friends get together and make dinner and watch Glee. It is my favorite night of the week!! We have a great homecooked meal, Glee, and usually a movie or a game afterwards. Tonight after we watched Glee we spent hours singing Karaoke!

Tonight was extra fun because we were doing a birthday celebration for Jason! I was really really excited to finally get to make my big cupcake tonight to help celebrate. I fell in love with this cute idea and have not had the time or the occasion to make it yet.

Well.... I will just let you judge from the pictures how it turned out. The icing is covering all of the pieces falling off!
At least Jason seemed really excited about it!!
It doesn't look great.... but it tasted SO GOOD! Unfourtanely, I took one slice out of it and it crumbled like a sink hole. I think I need more practice.

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  1. hahaha... i laughed really hard at these pictures. love it. ps, can i participate in glee night when i get there? :)