Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thirty, Flirty, and Fabulous!

Happy Birthday Amy!!
It's a big birthday to celebrate!! In honor of her birthday, here are 30 things that makes Amy so awesome!!

1. She is a great big sister
2. She is Peyton Manning's number 1 fan
3. Loves the color orange
4. Amy wanted to be Hannah Storm when she was growing up
5. Loves breaking news
6. Sang "Tomorrow" at Musical Theater camp
7. Was the star at Musical Theater camp :)
8. She knows more about football than most boys
9. She is a great Mom
10. Easy to talk to
11. Not afraid to try new things
12. She is such a LOYAL friend
13. Amy loves ribbons in her hair (note: I said loves....not loved).
14. Won't leave the house without sunglasses (on her head).
15. She looks good in every color.
16. Never finishes her drinks, but leaves them in every room
17. You can tell when she is unhappy about something because she sighs very loudly.
18. She has a very tender heart
19. Made up the best dance moves to NKOTB and MC Hammer
20. She has the most beautiful blue eyes
21. I would consider her a morning person - well compared to me!
22. Amy loves to snuggle
23. She is a natural encourager and cheerleader
24. She is a great decision maker. She helps me decide what to eat and which outfit to wear
25. Amy is very generous
26. Loves chick-flicks (seriously, notice the title....13 going on 30)!
27. We could recite parts of "You've Got Mail" in everyday conversation
28. She loves to read (but would love it more if she read Twilight hint)
29. Diet Dr. Pepper is her drink of choice
30. She is FABULOUS!!!
Hope you have a great day! I love you!!

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