Monday, August 15, 2011


Well, A LOT has happened the last few weeks. I keep trying to get it down on the blog, but I have a hard time finding the right words for all my thoughts. It is kinda a long, dramatic (not really dramatic, just Rachel dramatic) story. So, we will go with the quick version for now. I am sure I will do a long and emotional blog post later.... but for now....

I got a job!!! I am thrilled to be working as an elementary school counselor! It is crazy to finally be working as a counselor! I went to grad school for three years for this so I am so happy to be in a great school.

I havent been blogging as much because:
1- I am exhausted
2- I am a little overwhelmed with trying to get everything ready and working long hours
3- I haven't been on the internet very much since I started my new job! gasp! I know! It's just too busy to get on facebook or pintrest or blogs!

I am so thankful. Seriously, so thankful for a job and to be able to serve. And for a job. And now I'm crying....which means time to end the blog for now! So happy!

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