Monday, January 31, 2011

What's Up Duloc

I always get so sad after my parents leave. I am equally upset that we didn't get more pictures of our fun weekend!

Mom and Dad came to visit and I had planned out two full days of fun. It was a beautiful weekend, but we had a slight change of plans on Saturday. We went to our favorite brunch place and then watched the UT game at Whisky Kitchen. As you can see, it was VERY sunny.

We got ready to see Shrek the musical Saturday night and it was so great! We all really enjoyed this upbeat musical and so glad Ben got to come with us to enjoy. It follows the movie pretty closely, and it gives such a good message. It talks about being yourself and not judge on outward appearances. There is a song called "Freak Flag" and it talks about being proud of who you are. I just loved this musical.
Sunday we had brunch with Treydienne who are always a blast. I really wish we had gotten a picture of all of us at Puckets. Can't wait to go back there soon! It is soooo good!

I always have so much fun when my parents come to town. Can't wait till our next fun weekend

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  1. Yay, a new blog! I have been waiting :-) This is Debbie not Dale. He is asleep.