Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marcy's Wedding

I love my friends. I love weddings. And now I can add to this list that I love Union City, TN.

I just got back from Union City for Marcy and Marshall's wedding. It was such a fun wedding and such a fun weekend. At one point during the weekend, I looked around and felt like I was on Spring Break again! It was SO MUCH FUN!!

I got there Friday night before dinner. It was a sweet dinner and I loved hearing stories about Marcy.... especially how Anna and Marcy became friends years ago!! Friday night after the dinner, we somehow all made it over to the 24 hour driving range right outside our hotel. Such a fun memory!
Saturday morning we got up and had a picnic at the Barnes House. It was a HOT and steamy day, but the picnic was so fun. I also loved finally getting to see the Barnes' award winning backyard.

Saturday after the picnic, we spent the rest of the day in the pool. I was so happy to be with all of my friends.

Marcy and Marshall's wedding was just amazing. The ceremony was so sweet and Marcy looked AMAZING!! The reception was SO much fun. I went crazy taking pictures. I tried not to include TOO many!!

This is not my favorite picture (Mark loves to zoom in), but Anna reads my blog and I wanted to give her a shout out! I had so much fun with Anna and her parents this weekend! :)
Lindsey came from Memphis and I was SO happy to see her! She didn't bring the boys (Pete, Hobson, or PJ) so she just made a quick trip. It was short, but sweet!

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  1. Love all the pics - thanks! (and thanks to Mark, too - even tho you didn't include any of him!) You all look great & I love how you all have managed to stay connected & come for weddings - even in Union City & EVEN for Marcy! hahaha! (had to say it!)