Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching up

In between all the stress of school and life, I have found some time to have some fun! A few weeks ago, I got to go with the UT Young Alumni to the Orange and White game in Knoxville.  We got to visit the UT football locker rooms and basketball facilities!

It was so fun to watch the game in the skybox with the other young alumni.  And of course the highlight of the tour was seeing Peyton :)

I also have been lucky to spend sometime with Dad.  He is teaching me how to be more like Katniss....

And we had lots of fun on the star of Knoxville this past weekend.

And finally, no weekend is complete without a s'more flatbread (YUMM) and a little bluegrass jam at the Station Inn!  Always so fun with Dad!

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