Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Colin

I just got back from Arkansas where I got to meet Baby Colin and hang out with the rest of his sweet family! I was so happy to get to be there to help Amy and Kory and to get to spend some quality time with Kaitlin too.
It is not easy trying to get from Nashville to Northwest Arkansas. I am so thankful for wonderful friends to take me EARLY to the airport and all those who offered to pick me up. It makes the travel process so much easier! And who wouldn't love to be taken to the airport by Mr. Chester and Katie? Love them :)

It is so fun to hold a sweet baby. Colin was so good and sweet and I just loved getting to meet him!

His mom and dad are pretty fun too!

I had so much fun with Kaitlin this weekend! We were buddies all weekend and did lots of fun things. We played dress up....
We played outside (She loves soccer).
And we danced and chased this balloon around all weekend!
It was such a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to go back!

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