Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Break Part 1

HOORAAY FOR FALL BREAK!!!! Whew...... I am so thankful for a whole week off for fall break. So excited. So thankful. So in need of rest.

I spent my fall break doing lots of fun things. The first fun thing I did was head home to Knoxville to visit my family! I love my parents!

I was so happy that Amy and Kory and Kaitlin were there too!

We all went to the UT/LSU game together. Despite the loss, we had the BEST time at the game. Laughed a lot with these two! So much fun!
I tired to get Kaitlin to play with me, but she was more interested in her movie.
But finally after a tickling contest, she sat with me. I could do this all day....
I just loved this day! Perfect fall weather, my whole family, and UT football! What a great start to my fall break!

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