Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adult Spring Break

I didn't actually get a Spring Break this year. I know most people don't get a spring break, but it makes me sad that I work in a school AND I am in grad school, and still don't get a spring break.

This is how I spent most of my spring break. Studying for comps, reading, and doing case notes. Bleh. Cant wait till graduation.
I did get to have some fun! I pretended this past week was my spring break since it was beautiful weather and I got to pull out my flip flops for the first time this year! We celebrated St. Patricks Day, which I learned is apparently more like Halloween in the sense that people really dress up.

I don't remember why we wanted our bracelets in the picture... ha.

They had a little photo booth and we had fun dressing up! Please notice the lucky charms!

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  1. I love St Patty's Day. Dale and I are both are Irish and we forgot to celebrate while we were in China. You look adorable in this pictures!!!